Abrasion Resistant Linings for Asphalt Production

Asphalt production involves the movement of high volumes of solids that abrade and erode equipment. Ongoing maintenance and replacement over the equipment service life can result in extra expense and increased downtime.


Wear-resistant linings from Saint-Gobain Performance Ceramics & Refractories provide unparalleled abrasion and corrosion resistance and last many times longer than abrasion-resistant steels. Linings are available for a wide range of HMA equipment, including:

  • Silo cones
  • Batchers
  • Rotary dryers feed and discharge chutes
  • Cold feed bins
  • RAP bins
  • Drag chain conveyer slats


Can Durafrax® lining systems be installed in the field during winter?

Yes. For example, asphalt plants in the Northeast and Midwest USA typically shut down for winter maintenance, where it is common for Durafrax® linings to be installed during the coldest months. Pre-engineered Durafrax® linings ensure rapid installation with a quality fit.

How does the heater affect the tiles when ceramic is used in a silo?

Durafrax® linings are extremely abrasion resistant, making them a popular choice for silo linings. Ceramics made with Durafrax® retain heat longer than metals, meaning that less energy is required to maintain temperature in the silo bottom. Wear resistant ceramics typically outperform steel in terms of abrasion and corrosion resistance.