Hyper (MgO-C) Bricks

Magnesia-Carbon Bricks

Magnesia-carbon (MgO-C) bricks are a novel technology developed via advanced microstructural engineering. MgO-C bricks enable the development of products with low porosity and reduced pore size, resulting in a significant improvement in corrosion resistance to corrosion and superior performance in demanding environments with highly corrosive slags.

Features and Benefits


Hyper™ technology reduces requirements for gunning and hot casting repair, resulting in cost savings and a lower carbon footprint.

  • Higher mechanical resistance
  • Higher corrosion restance
  • Higher oxidation resistance
  • Lower hot repair needs

Basic Oxygen Furnace, Electric Arc Furnace and Steel Ladle


What are the main characteristics of the Saint-Gobain Hyper technology?

The Hyper technology presents products developed with an engineered matrix, which provides a more efficient compaction, resulting in a substantial reduction in the average pore size.

What are the main equipment where the Hyper technology could be used?

The HyperTM technology can be applied in BOF, EAF and steel ladles.

What benefits from Saint-Gobain Hyper technology could be added to my steelmaking equipment?

Because they have a smaller average pore size and compact matrix, the Hyper products have a higher resistance to corrosion, providing a superior performance compared to conventional products.