Saggers for CAM Processing


Saint-Gobain’s N-Durance® saggers for cathode active material (CAM) processing bring unique benefits to cathode powder producers by enabling increased throughput, improved energy efficiency, and reduced waste generation through its unique design and material properties relative to standard products.

About the product

Made from high-strength silicon carbide, N-Durance® saggers are increasing revenues while reducing energy used and waste generation. 
They are lighter than traditional mullite, cordierite, and alumina saggers as they are designed with reduced wall thickness. The improved geometries and unique design enable high chemical corrosion resistance partnered with improved resistance to thermal shock to increase cycle life and process stability.
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Customers have demonstrated over 10% increase in throughput on existing kiln equipment while reducing energy and CO2 emissions by over 50% per mass of CAM product.

Features and Benefits



    This drop-in solution brings the following benefits to CAM producers:

    1. Increased CAM throughput: CAM throughput capacity increase of over 10% per kiln generating increased revenue from the same capital equipment
    2. Improved Energy Efficiency: Reduction of >50% in energy lost to heating ceramic kiln furniture per kg CAM product produced
    3. Waste Reduction: Ceramic waste elimination with N-Durance® end-of-life recyclability by Saint-Gobain
    4. Improved CAM Powder Quality: Improved CAM heating profile and reduced contamination due to sagger chemical corrosion
    5. Reduced Downtime: Improved thermal shock characteristics

    Lithium-Ion Battery Cathode Active Material Production.


    Standard Sizes: 330x330x120mm, 330x330x100mm.

    Customizable designs available with and without cut-outs.

    Material properties
    Property Units Typical Values
    SiC   % 70
    Maximum Use Temperature   °C 1,450
    Flexural Strength

    @ Room Temp

    MPa 170-180
    Density   kg / dm³ 2.75
    Apparent Porosity    % <1
    Young’s modulus


    GPa 240
    Coefficient of Thermal Expansion   10-6 / K 4.4
    Thermal Conductivity @ 1,000°C W / mK 20

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