Enhanced Performance of Ladle Refractory Lining Through Innovative Castable Technology

Modern foundries are consistently tracking performance, yield, and productivity of production equipment. Optimization of equipment downtime and a predictable maintenance schedule further improve the success of smooth casting operations.
Refractory product quality is known to be a key criterion involved in successful foundry operations. Higher quality can enhance refractory life, decrease defects caused by refractory dissolution, and aid in the appropriate timing of preventative maintenance programs. To achieve these targets, our customers request refractory products with outstanding properties.

For this purpose, we have developed our NORFLOW® selflowing castable refractory product line that offers high resistance to mechanical and chemical erosion, leading to longer lifetime, as well as ease in installation, and dismantling.
Saint-Gobain designs, manufactures and distributes high performance and building innovative solutions to the challenges of growth, energy efficiency and environmental protection.
Our NORFLOW® A 973 is already widely used and very successfully used in iron and steel melting processes. Within these operations it shows outstanding performance as ladle linings, spouts and receivers or in the uppercase body of channel furnaces.


The high flexibility of NORFLOW® A 973 selflowing castable refractory product line is definitely a key advantage highlighted by our customers. Installation can be performed by casting or pumping in equipment ranging in size; from small ladles (<2 Ton) up to ladles of a size of 50 Ton molten metal volume, or as the working lining in pressure pour furnaces. Its advanced material composition aids in a very easy and consistent casting process.

Due to the self-flow properties, the installation is very time-efficient and requires no vibration equipment (e.g. vibrating needle). NORFLOW® A 973 selflowing castable refractory product line is designed to combine the most complex shapes by flowing freely in all areas of your equipment, while also exhibiting homogeneous material properties within the entirety of cast shape. The reduced water addition level needed for installation also helps to accelerate dry out. Once installed and dried-out, NORFLOW® exhibits an outstanding structure with low porosity and excellent penetration resistance against molten metal.

In addition, it shows a high resistance to slag formation and ease of slag removal. As reported by our customers, using NORFLOW® A 973 has lead to a significant increase in the lifetime of their equipment, reduced refractory material consumption, ease of installation, and increased availability of the equipment. Consequently, the adaptation of NORFLOW® A 973 selflowing castable refractory product line in our customer’s processes is strongly considered as an important influencing factor to improve product yield and operation cost competitiveness.

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