Refractory solutions for Galvanizing and Zinc Oxide

Our refractories offer increased thermal performance, longer component life and higher production output. With a wide range of materials and manufacturing capabilities, Saint-Gobain is a trusted supplier to many zinc production facilities.

High oxidation resistance Cryston® materials offer superior resistance to oxidation and chemical attack.

Strip Galvanizing Lines

Non-Ferrous, Steel coil, Steel Sheet

Every day, throughout the world, Saint-Gobain technologies enable sustainable production of galvanized steel. Our innovative materials ourperform conventional solutions, helping Galvanizers to extend critical equipment lifetimes and reduce maintenance stoppages.


At the core of Saint-Gobain is our mission to Make the World a Better Home, a mission we we accomplish, in part, through products and solutions for Sustainability. Our line of Total Burner Solutions is a breakthrough for the Galvanizing furnace, as it can reduce CO2 and NOx emissions by as much as 50%, and all this as a retrofit solution that avoids costly burner upgrades.


Partnering with Saint-Gobain, campaigns run longer, product quality soars, and production levels reach new highs. Partnering with Saint-Gobain, environmental goals are reached and energy savings are counted.


Case Studies
Spyrocor W-TUBE Galvanizing & Annealing

W-type radiant tube in vertical orientation with plug-type recuperator

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Case Studies
Spyrocor Aluminium Slab Reheating Furnace

Aluminum slab reheating furnace

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Case Studies
Burner Solutions SpyroCor Aluminum coil batch annealing

Aluminum coil batch annealing furnace

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Non Ferrous Galvanizing Zinc

From immersion tubes which deliver industry-leading performance, to unique anti-wear components, Saint-Gobain produces innovative ceramics for the most

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