Advanced silicon carbide (SiC) materials pioneered by Saint-Gobain Performance Ceramics & Refractories has been instrumental in protecting military, law enforcement and security professionals for over 50 years.


The company continues to develop and produce industry-leading protective materials today, supplying ceramic armor to governments and agencies for military and law enforcement personnel across four different continents.

Military Body Armor

Military soldiers or warfighters require high-performance protection at the lightest weight possible

Saint-Gobain Performance Ceramics & Refractories’ silicon carbide and boron carbide material provide superior ballistic protection against a wide rang of threats, meeting or exceeding standards such as National Institure of Justice (NIJ) and Special Threat specifications.


Our ceramics have been protecting military personnel for more than 50 years.


From the world's first ceramic body armor system developed to protect troops in the past conflicts to advanced systems for warfighters in global modern combat, Saint-Gobain has been at the forefront of innovation, performance and manufacturing reliability.


Our extensive material portfolio, such as sintered SiC, bonded SiC, hot pressed B4C or sintered SiC-B4C, and world-class production capabilities ensure a high quality solution for any ceramic armor requirement.


Saint-Gobain Performance Ceramics & Refractories’ ceramic armor materials provide significant advantages including:

  • Ceramic plates for any part of the body
  • Custom engineering to your specifications
  • Co-development to meet your needs
  • Consistent high-quality manufacturing
  • Extensive worldwide capacity
  • Robust export compliance program
  • Rapid prototyping
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Armor Protective Ceramic Materials

Saint-Gobain Performance Ceramics & Refractories is a global leader in supporting composite armor systems, offering unparalleled design flexibility with

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Armor Protective Ceramic Materials