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Saint-Gobain Peformance Ceramics & Refractories offers this section of the site, "Hot Topics,"  to focus on application specific subjects to arm you with more information and insights on a particular application or process.  We welcome your comments and further queries to obtain even more information on a given Hot Topic.  

The Material of Choice for Lithium-Ion Battery Manufacturing

We'll give you five reasons why Hexoloy® SiC material is ideally suited for RHKs in Li-ion battery manufacturing applications.

Saint-Gobain Performance Ceramics and Refractories obtains EcoVadis

Saint-Gobain Performance Ceramics and Refractories obtains Ecovadis Certification in 2023.

Understanding the Different Al2O3 Bonding Types

This blog post provides an overview of different Al2O3 onding types, their properties, and key applications.

Understanding the Microstructure of Silicon Nitride

This blog post provides an overview of the microstructure of silicon nitride, its properties, and key advantages.

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What are Monolithic Refractory Products?

This blog post provides an overview of monolithic refractory products, their properties, and key advantages.

How Does an Induction Furnace Work?

An induction furnace is an energy-efficient, clean-melting furnace used to melt all types of metals, such as steel, iron, copper, zinc, and aluminum.

Crystar® FT Membranes For Liquid Filtration

Durable, thermally and chemically stable, resistant to time and corrosion, easy to clean... ceramic membranes offer many advantages for filtration.

Refractory Brick Vs. Fire Brick: What is the Difference?

Explore the differences between refractory and fire bricks, learn about silicon carbide refractory bricks' advantages, and discover their ideal applications.

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Inauguration of the Saint Gobain PCR Monolithics Plant in Dubai, MEA

We are pleased to announce the Inauguration of the Saint-Gobain PCR Monolithics Refractory Plant in Dubai.

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