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Saint-Gobain Peformance Ceramics & Refractories offers this section of the site, "Hot Topics,"  to focus on application specific subjects to arm you with more information and insights on a particular application or process.  We welcome your comments and further queries to obtain even more information on a given Hot Topic.  

Enhancing CAM Powder Calcination with Ceramic Rollers: A Silit® Solution

Discover how Silit® ceramic rollers from Saint-Gobain Performance Ceramics & Refractories enhance CAM powder calcination for lithium-ion battery production...

What Advantages Do Ceramic Loops Offer?

 Explore the NORLOOP™, a groundbreaking precast ceramic loop by Saint-Gobain, enhancing furnace efficiency, safety, and longevity in industrial processes.

Critical Applications for Silicon Carbide Rods

Explore the critical role of silicon carbide rods in high-temperature processing across aerospace, nuclear, automotive, and chemical industries.

What is a Raschig Ring Used for?

Explore the efficiency of Raschig rings in chemical reactors: high surface area, superior mass transfer, and exceptional durability.

Zirconia Ceramics: What are They & How are They Used?

Zirconia ceramics are renowned for their extensive capabilities. Find out about their properties and how they are applied in our latest article!

Exploring the Advantages of Neutral Ramming Mass (NRM) Solutions

This article expands on neutral ramming masses (NRM), specifically our HeatKing/NORTON brand, delineating its advantages over conventional materials like...

Ceramic Solutions for Wire Galvanising Processes

Let's explore the importance of ceramic solutions, their unique properties, and applications in wire galvanising plants.

How Total Burner Solutions Aid in Heat Recovery

Total burner solutions emerge as a pivotal technology for energy efficiency and carbon emissions reduction. These tools offer a comprehensive approach to...

Saint-Gobain Performance Ceramics and Refractories now benefits from EPD®...

Our SEPR Italia plant, known for producing refractory blocks for glass furnaces and iron and steel markets, obtained EPD certification for its Magmalox®...

Why Choose Silicon Carbide for Kiln Furniture Components?

Discover why Silicon carbide is perfect for creating kiln furniture because of its hardness and chemical and thermal shock resistance.

Why Use Fused Cast Refractories for Reheating Furnaces?

Discover why Fused Cast Refractories are essential for efficient steelmaking reheating furnaces. Uncover the role of electrofused refractories in...

Engineering Ceramics in Mining & Mineral Processing

Saint-Gobain provides precision-made engineered ceramics in the mineral processing chain, from ore extraction to processing and transporting.