Enhancing CAM Powder Calcination with Ceramic Rollers: A Silit® Solution

In the realm of advanced materials processing, the calcination of Cathode Active Material (CAM) powders is a critical stage for battery applications, demanding precision, efficiency, and reliability. This process, integral to Lithium-ion battery production, relies on ceramic rollers for optimal performance of roller hearth kilns (RHKs) in transforming precursors to high-quality CAM powder. 

Ceramic rollers, particularly those made from siliconized silicon carbide (SiSiC), have emerged as a leading solution in this domain. They offer a unique combination of mechanical strength, thermal stability, and heat and chemical resistance.

This article delves into the application of Silit® ceramic rollers, developed by Saint-Gobain Performance Ceramics & Refractories, in CAM powder calcination furnaces. It will also highlight their features, benefits, and impact on the industry.


Understanding Calcination, CAM Powders, and Ceramic Rollers

Calcination, a thermo-chemical process, involves heating materials to high temperatures under controlled atmospheres, leading to thermal decomposition or phase transition, or the removal of a volatile fraction. 
In the context of CAM powders, this step is crucial for achieving the desired physicochemical properties that directly impact battery performance. The role of ceramic rollers in this process is to support and transport the material, contained in ceramic saggers, through the furnace. This ensures a uniform heat treatment and efficient processing.
Silit Ceramic Roller

Silit® Ceramic Rollers: An Overview

Silit® ceramic rollers, engineered from siliconized silicon carbide (SiSiC), excel in thermal conductivity and shock resistance, enduring temperatures up to 1,350°C. Their dense structure and superior chemical resistance make them ideal for harsh environments encountered in CAM powder processing.

Features and Advantages of Silit® Ceramic Rollers

High Temperature.png

High-Temperature Capability: Silit® rollers withstand temperatures up to 1,350°C, crucial for CAM powder calcination.

Mechanical Strength

Mechanical Strength and Durability: Exceptional mechanical strength and wear resistance ensure long-term operations.

Chemical Resistance

Chemical Resistance: The unique chemical inertness of SiSiC minimizes Silit® rollers’ reactivity with the CAM powders or the gaseous by-products of calcination, enabling processing integrity.

Customizable Dimensions
Customizable Dimensions: Variable lengths (up to 3,700 mm) accommodate diverse furnace design requirements.
Energy Efficiency
Energy Efficiency: Enhanced thermal conductivity promotes uniform heat distribution, reducing energy consumption and improving the efficiency of the calcination process.
Advanced Design
Advanced Design: Incorporating advanced design features, these rollers minimize deflection even at high temperatures, ensuring consistent processing and reduced operational downtime due to sagger “walking”.

Impact on CAM Powder Calcination

Silit® ceramic rollers have revolutionized CAM powder calcination, enhancing efficiency, reliability, and product quality. Uniform heat distribution guarantees optimal thermal treatment for each CAM powder particle, crucial for desired electrochemical properties in batteries. Moreover, their durability minimizes downtime and maintenance costs while increasing productivity; characteristics vital for meeting growing market demands
Silit® ceramic rollers

Silit® Ceramic Rollers Are Crucial For Enhancing the CAM Powder Production Process

The integration of Silit® ceramic rollers in CAM powder calcination furnaces exemplifies the synergy between advanced materials and innovative engineering solutions. 

Leveraging SiSiC’s unique properties, ceramic rollers offer a reliable, efficient, and cost-effective solution for processing high-quality CAM powders. 

As demand for Lithium-ion batteries grows, such advancements will drive the energy storage industry towards sustainability and superior performance.

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