Iron and Steelmaking

Steel is one of the most prevalent manufacturing materials on earth. Within the four overarching steel categories–alloy steel, carbon steel, stainless steel, and tool steel–there are over 3,500 distinct grades, each with fundamentally different thermodynamic and chemical properties. These subsequently serve a near limitless range of applications. The steel-making industry is, therefore, a major driver of economic growth; making optimal steelmaking processes invaluable.


At Saint-Gobain Performance Ceramics & Refractories, we offer high-performance solutions designed to enhance critical key performance indicators across the full steel making chain. We are committed to the sustainable development of industry-leading refractory products which add multifaceted value to steelworks around the world. This is central to a proactive roadmap toward profitable, low-carbon steel making.


Furnace Solutions: EAF & More


Producing greener steel is an ongoing objective for steel making companies worldwide, and that initiative typically begins by optimizing blast furnaces. We produce a suite of precision furnace solutions designed for high corrosion and oxidation resistance at extreme temperatures. 


We are currently developing solutions for the higher demands for the EAF refractories that are expected with the transition to green steel. The electric arc furnaces (EAF) has be more flexible, receiving different combinations and amounts of scrap, DRI and iron which will change the slag composition and hence the demand on refractories.


Solution By Equipment

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Our Complete Portfolio Of Services

Design and Engineering

Customized solutions including refractory drawings, adjusted design and modeling capabilities designed to help minimize maintenance/relining frequency while reducing melting energy consumption.

Installation and Repair

High quality installation services are designed to optimize furnace performance. Installation services focus on customers’ individual operational constraints, including supervision, installation and intermediary repairs.


The latest methods and innovative installation techniques are shared with customers, ensuring the maximum service life and optimal operational safety conditions for any installation. 


Performance Audits

Experienced application teams offer performance audits and assessments, working in partnership with customers to explore potential savings offered by refractory consumption, energy management and CO2 balance programs.

R&D Support

Upfront analyses are available around all material choices. Rapid support and immediate technical assistance are available during both emergencies and routine operation.