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Iron and steel production can be an expensive endeavour. Crude steel manufacturing centers around the burning of iron ore using coke within a blast furnace, generating molten iron. Aggressive thermomechanical and chemical reactions occur throughout, from the top of the furnace to the hearth and taphole. It is imperative that refractory solutions used inside blast furnaces can withstand these immense strains.

Saint-Gobain Performance Ceramics & Refractories is committed to sustainably enhancing vital industrial processes using novel refractory materials and solutions. Our proprietary Coranit® SlagR ceramic cup technology is one such innovation driving CO2 emissions reductions and long-term cost savings for blast furnace applications. We have also developed a range of solutions for hearth repairs, including castable and shotcrete products. Through continual innovation, we can rise to the challenge of protecting our environment while adding value to the operations in ironmaking processes.

We design, engineer, and supply a comprehensive range of high-quality refractory products and solutions, specifically developed for blast furnaces.

An extensive range of refractories ideal for use downstream of the blast furnace is also available, including:

  • High-quality tap hole mixes, customized to meet customer requirements
  • Alumina silicon carbide carbon bricks for torpedo ladles

We are focused on developing materials for the evolving needs of DRI (Direct Reduced Iron) processes; a core part of our sustainability initiative. Our goal is to become carbon neutral by 2050; a directive which is shared across much of the ironmaking industry. It is our belief that the best way to achieve this is to optimize critical ironmaking processes using the best possible solutions.


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Service Portfolio Covering Every Stage of the Iron Making Process

R&D Support

Upfront analyses are available around all material choices. Rapid support and immediate technical assistance are available during both emergencies and routine operation.


Design and Engineering

Customized/adjusted design and modeling capabilities to help minimize maintenance/relining frequency while reducing melting energy consumption.



Installation and Repair

High quality installation services are designed to optimize performance. Installation services focus on customers’ individual operational constraints, including supervision, installation and intermediary repairs.


The latest methods and innovative installation techniques are shared with customers, ensuring the maximum service life and optimal operational safety conditions for any installation. Experienced teams work closely with customers, in person or via digital platforms.


A comprehensive portfolio of training sessions, seminars, and customized technical support are available, empowering customers to make the best choices around refractory material selection and installation.