Carbon Black

Saint-Gobain Performance Ceramics & Refractories has been a leading supplier of complete refractory linings for carbon black reactors for over three decades.


A range of custom-engineered solutions is available for hot face and backup layers in tread and carcass black reactors. These include:

  • Fired or precast chrome-alumina bricks and shapes
  • High purity alumina bricks in grades AH199, AL100 and Alfrax101
  • Thermal shock resistant Mullfrax® and AL102 bricks
  • Zirnorite® Zirconia bricks for the highest temperature capability
  • Fused-cast Jargal M shapes for ultimate erosion resistance
  • Insulating and dense castables for backup layers

Solution By Reactor-based Solutions

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Service Portfolio Refractory Systems for Carbon Black Reactors

Design and Engineering

Complete design and engineering adapted to customers’ operating conditions, temperature requirements and yield goals.



Installation Supervision

Preassembly inspection at manufacturing sites and installation supervision is available in most geographies - either via Saint-Gobain Performance Ceramics & Refractories or a trusted installation partner.

R&D Support and Post Mortem Analysis

R&D support for product development is available, as well as post mortem analysis to identify pathways towards performance improvement of refractory systems.