Magnesia (MgO)

Ceramics Materials

Magnesia (magnesium oxide, MgO) is a specialty ceramic with outstanding high-temperature performance, used primarily in thermal engineering, heating elements, crucibles, and refractory.

Magnesia is an inert material with an excellent resistance to attack by metals as sodium, nickel-based alloys and plutonium/uranium systems. The material is known for a mechanical strength property and works very well under uniform heating or cooling to avoid thermal shock.

Because of its resistance to lead-based materials and other molten metals, magnesia is used for processing piezoelectric materials and make it the perfect components for refractories applications.

Alumina Magnesia
Alfrax® F005
Alfrax® FSG02
Alfrax® FSG03
Magnesia Carbon
Alfrax® A1B7
Alfrax® A1SG2
Alfrax® A1B6
Alfrax® A1B11
Alfrax® A1SG5
Alfrax® A1B7
Alfrax® A1SG10
Alfrax® A1SG4
Magnafrax M2B59 M
Magnafrax M2B61
Magnafrax M2B26
Magnafrax M2B57
Magnafrax 3AS197
Magnafrax M2B59 M
Magnafrax 4BH161