SpyroCor® and NOxBuster® Radiant Tube Insert

Silicon Carbide Radiant Tube Inserts

SpyroCor® inserts can be easily retrofitted into existing radiant tubes, improving efficiency and bolstering the amount of heat that the radiant tube is reradiating into the furnace chamber. Implementing these inserts can lead to energy savings of up to 15% and throughput improvements of up to 6%. SpyroCor® inserts are compatible with straight, U-Type, W-Type, and Tri-Type radiant tubes.

NOxBuster® boasts a patented design that allows the recirculation of flue gasses within the radiant tube. This can lead to a significant reduction in flame temperature and up to 50% lower NOx emissions.

Radiant Tube Inserts' Features and Benefits

SpyroCor® Radiant Tube Inserts


  • Made of robust silicon carbide
  • Operating temperatures up to 1,380 °C
  • Long service life High radiant output
  • Advanced silicon carbide microstructures provide high thermal conductivity and shock resistance
  • Patented twist fin design absorbs heat energy and reradiates heat back into the furnace 2-6 % throughput improvement 5-15% energy and carbon reduction
NOxBuster® Radiant Tube Insert


  • Thin-wall silicon carbide for the highest rates of heat transfer and thermal performance
  • Novel design combines recirculation and staged combustion for optimum
  • NOx reduction using HeatCor™


What are the material properties of Silit® and Amasic-3D™?

These infiltrated SiSiC high performance, non-porous ceramic materials can accommodate application temperatures of 1,380°C. They also offer excellent thermal strength properties.

How does the NOxBuster® work?

The NOxBuster® utilizes a novel design to recirculate exhaust gas and stage the combustion process. This reduces flame temperatures and supresses NOx.

Can the twist rate of the PyroCor™ be altered for each unit?

The advanced additive manufacturing platform used to manufacture PyroCor™ allows a large number of twist rates and geometries to be produced.

What is the difference between Silit®, Silit HD® and Hexoloy®?

The key difference of Silit® SKD, Silit® SKD-H and Hexoloy® is the range of application temperatures which can be accommodated. Hexoloy® is 100% SiC while Silit® has a percentage of silicon in the matrix. This allows Hexoloy® to operate at temperatures exceeding 1,800°C.

NOxBuster® Radiant Tube Insert


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