PyroCor™ and Silit® Flame Tubes

Silicon Carbide Flame Tubes and Diffusers

Silit® flame tubes (diffusers) function as a guide for the flow of combustion and combustion gas in single-ended radiant tube applications. PyroCor™ is a uniquely designed twisted tape flame tube, modified and developed for use in U-tubes and W-tubes. PyroCor™ protects radiant tubes by eliminating hot spots caused by direct flame impingement, ultimately increasing the service life of the radiant tube.

PyroCor’s spiral shape can be custom engineered to promote excellent temperature uniformity.

Flame Tubes and Diffusers Features and Benefits

Flame Tubes


  • Made of robust silicon carbide
  • Operating temperatures up to 1,380 °C
  • Long service life
  • Advanced silicon carbide microstructures provide high thermal conductivity and shock resistance
  • Industry-leading diameter and length
  • Suitable for most furnace applications
  • Thin-wall designs increase thermal performance and enable design flexibility
PyroCor™ Flame Tube


  • Thin-wall silicon carbide ensures the highest rates of heat transfer and thermal performance
  • Variable twist provides optimized temperature uniformity
  • Combine with SpyroCor™ for excellent temperature uniformity and minimization of hot spots


What are the material properties of Silit® and Amasic-3D™?

These infiltrated SiSiC high performance, non-porous ceramic materials can accommodate application temperatures of 1,380°C. They also offer excellent thermal strength properties.

How does PyroCor™ work?

PyroCor™ utilizes a specialized design and variable twists to optimize temperature uniformity in the radiant tube.

Can the twist rate of the PyroCor™ be altered for each unit?

The advanced additive manufacturing platform used to manufacture PyroCor™ allows a large number of twist rates and geometries to be produced.

What is the difference between Silit®, Silit HD® and Hexoloy®?

The key difference of Silit® SKD, Silit® SKD-H and Hexoloy® is the range of application temperatures which can be accommodated. Hexoloy® is 100% SiC while Silit® has a percentage of silicon in the matrix. This allows Hexoloy® to operate at temperatures exceeding 1,800°C.

PyroCor™ Flame Tubes


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