Saint-Gobain Performance Ceramics & Refractories have been providing unique and high added value silicon carbide-based solutions for decades, including the first-to-market recrystallized silicon carbide (R-SiC) product. This outstanding ceramic forms the basis of our Crystar® filtration technology.

Crystar® FT is designed for liquid and air purity, security, and sustainability. The demands of filtration have changed dramatically over the years, as a growing global population forces industries to adopt more demanding processing capabilities to satisfy the needs of global sustainability efforts.

Saint-Gobain designs, manufactures and distributes materials and solutions which are key ingredients in the well being of each of us and the future of all. They provide comfort, performance and safety while addressing the challenges of sustainable construction, resource efficiency and climate change.

With Crystar® FT membranes and filters, Saint-Gobain is committed to improving the sustainability of sectors as diverse as water/wastewater, industrial processes & life sciences, and recreational water, with new and innovative products.

We aim to make sustainability a driving force for every liquid filtration and air purification sector. Crystar® FT technology provides microfiltration of leading efficiency, with consistent retention, excellent filtrate quality at high fluxes, and operation with low consumption of energy, water and chemicals.

Wastewater Treatment

Industrial waste water is responsible for as much as 16% of the world’s annual freshwater withdrawals. This effluent is typically comprised of particulate media, microorganisms, and chemicals which can harm ecosystems and infiltrate the human drinking water supply. Crystar® FT is poised to interrupt this cycle of consumption and pollution by providing a cost-effective solution for the filtration of aggressive industrial wastewater as part of the water recycling process.

Extensive amounts of effluent waste water are produced during industrial processes. These effluents typically comprise significant volumes of particulate media, microorganisms, and other harmful substances that make waste water treatment challenging and more costly. Filtration is one of the common treatment steps in waste water purification. Cleaning industrial waste water can be very demanding as the technologies used are often outmoded and outdated. Filtration systems used for industrial waste water treatment must be improved to meet future environmental demands and regulations. Moreover, as water becomes more scarce and expensive1, applying water treatment technologies to recycle waste water is a key trend in several industries.
Crystar® ceramic membranes were engineered for the most difficult water filtration applications in terms of temperature, corrosiveness, and load, with proven benefits in the reduction of waste water disposal costs and significant improvements for industrial water recycling. Crystar® filtering membranes are particularly well suited for filtration of aggressive water, which cannot be handled by current, traditional polymeric membranes or even other ceramic membrane materials.


Brochures & Flyers
Crystar Crossflow FT250 51-121-3 - Data sheet

Crystar FT250 51-121-3 offers fine and consistent retention thanks to a 250 nm membrane and a robust carrier geometry with high filtration area.

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Data Sheets (TDS)
Crystar Crossflow FT250 41-61-3 - Data sheet

Crystar FT250 41-61-3 offers fine and consistent retention thanks to a 250 nm membrane and a robust carrier geometry with high filtration area.

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Data Sheets (TDS)
Crystar Crossflow FT250 25-61-2 - Data sheet

Crystar FT250 25-61-2 offers fine and consistent retention thanks to a 250 nm membrane and a robust carrier geometry with high filtration area.

PDF | 289.95 KB
Data Sheets (TDS)
Crystar Crossflow FT250 25-31-3 - Data sheet

Crystar FT250 25-31-3 offers fine and consistent retention thanks to a 250nm membrane and a carrier geometry which fits most applications.

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