February 02, 2020

HeatKing Refractories for Coreless Induction Furnace

Saint-Gobain's HeatKing product line presents an innovative monolithic lining system solution for steel melting in coreless induction furnaces with a unique structure to insure best performance in terms of quality and cost per unit mass of steel produced, productivity, safety, energy efficiency and sustainability. The HeatKing product range takes into account the special interaction and operations in melting of steel in coreless induction furnaces and helps our customers to run their operations more efficiently.

HeatKing product portfolio consists of selected refractory products that were developed for an optimized performance in each zone of the coreless induction furnace (coil coat, working lining, spout and top cap mix). An improved lifetime, homogeneous wear pattern and safe operations have been reported by our customers.


The unique 3-layer structure of the working lining ensures high operational safety, as metal leakage is stopped more quickly before reaching the coil. Controlled reaction between metal/slag and refractory lining leads to lower consumption of refractory working lining giving the possibility to replace only the worn part of the lining.
We provide refractory lining solutions for both scrap and DRI feedback, different type of alloyed steel and for a wide range of size of furnaces. As we know that the mechanical stability of the working lining is impacted by the size of the furnace, the right choice of working lining material for your special needs does exist: from furnace size below 1t up to 50t of molten metal, our products exhibit an optimal wear resistance and mechanical strength without impacting the formation of the unique three-layer zone, an important point to run your operations safely.
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Our skilled application team members are helping the customers to choose the right HeatKing refractory solution, are supporting installation and are able to help improve performance of the operations. A detailed process audit is made before application of the HeatKing refractory solution to show the advantages using objective process and cost parameters.


Customers using HeatKing solutions in their coreless induction furnaces can benefit from the following --

  • Improvement in melt shop and maintenance interval planning
  • Working lining exhibiting low reaction with the metal or slag
  • Higher metal purity thanks to higher chemical resistance and less inclusions in finished metal
  • Compatible with metallurgical treatment of the metal in the coreless induction furnace, e.g. dephosphorization process
  • Higher productivity and lower downtime of melting operations
  • Reduced CO2 emission levels
  • Optimized lining thickness allowing maximum and quick induction heating
  • Overall benefit on melting operations costs
  • High alloy recovery

For more information, please visit our HeatKing monolithic lining solutions website or contact us.