Norbide® Plate

Boron Carbide Plates

Saint-Gobain Performance Ceramics & Refractories’ Norbide® plates are a lightweight solution for air armor applications.

Norbide® flat plates are available in a range of sizes including:

  • 41.91 cm x 41.91 (16.5" x 16.5")
  • 44.45 cm x 29.21 cm (17.5" x 11.5")

Features and Benefits

Boron Carbide

Physical Properties - Range

Properties Units Value
Composition   B - C
Density gm/cm3 2.5
Hardness (Knoop) kg/mm 2800
Flexural Strength 4pt @ RT*** Mpa 425
Compressive Strength @ RT Mpa 2900
Modulus of Elasticity @ RT Gpa 440
Poisson's Ratio   0.18
Fracture Toughness @ RT Indentation Mpa x m1/2 3.1
Coefficient of Thermal Expansion x10-6 mm/mmK 5
Termal Conductivity @ 20 °C W/mK 90


Data Sheets (TDS)
Specialty Ceramics Norbide Boron Carbide
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Brochures & Flyers
Armor Protective Ceramic Materials

Saint-Gobain provided the very first ceramic body armor protection to warfighters in the Vietnam conflict, and the company continues to develop and produce

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