N-Durance® Lug posts

Nitride Bonded Silicon Carbide

N-Durance® lug posts are specifically designed to offer maximum capacity and flexibility for automated loading and unloading while maintaining excellent levels of kiln car safety and structural stability.

  • Improved kiln capacity and flexibility
  • Stable construction
  • Increased automation compatibility for loading and unloading
  • High thermal shock and oxidation resistance
  • Reduced firing cycles
  • Enhanced safety
Material Properties
  SiC-content Max. Service Temperature Bulk Density Apparent Porosity Vol. Modolus of Rupture Thermal Expansion αRT 1,100°C
  (%) (°C) (kg/dm3) (%) (RT2) (1,400°C) (10-6/K)
N-Durance®  70 1450 - 2642 2.75 ≤ 1 170 – 180 170 – 190 4.4
Product Use 

Suitable for firing a diverse range of sanitaryware, dinnerware, electronics and semiconductors, automotive DPF/GPF, and technical ceramics.


Are standard sizes available?

No. All products are designed to customer specifications to ensure maximum service life and loading space.