LO-MASS® ULTRA Plate Systems in Fuel Cell Substrate Firing

Improvements in Firing Efficiency & Throughput

LO-MASS® ULTRA 4 mm plate systems are an innovative and highly functional plate system to replace conventional or thicker plate systems in fuel cell substrate firing.


Installation & Conditions:

  • Allow higher capacity loading in automated industrial operations
  • Made of our highly reliable and industry proven N-Durance® and Crystar® advanced silicon carbide materials
  • Flexible, and stable, and customer specific stacking system optimized for your application


Firing rack systems for furnaces with conventional 6 mm and thicker SiC plates using ceramic cylinders as supports are characterizes by high weight, relatively low productivity (automation) and suboptimal capacity. 

Announcing Our Solution: LO-MASS® ULTRA 4 mm Plate Systems Configuration Options

Innovative LO-MASS® ULTRA 4 mm plate system solutions based on advanced SiC production processes creates a thin plate with outstanding mechanical and structural properties. Linked with an optimized thermomechanical design, such systems enable a maximum product packing density and optimal furnace cycle conditions. Thanks to the improved mechanical and thermal properties this system supports significant firing process cycle speed increases while still offering an outstanding lifetime. Novel LO-MASS® ULTRA 4 mm plate systems introduce a variety of benefits.

LO-MASS® ULTRA 4 mm Plate Systems Benefits

Engineered and optimized material structure
Superior thermal shock resistance 
Superior mechanical strength 
 Available with functionalized coatings
> 33 % Weight reduction and improved ratio product (kiln furniture)
> 33 % Energy savings and CO2 emission reduction footprint
Up to 10 % more product firing capacity

Result Summary

Furnace operation cost savings up to 15%
Higher sustainability by CO2 emission reduction and less waste
Increased lifetime
More stable firing conditions


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