October 01, 2019

Ceramic Rollers for Hot Stamping of Automobile Parts

Hot stamping of automobile parts is a novel process adapted by many large automobile OEMs and is a fast growing process that is directly aimed towards weight reduction / saving, reduction of CO2 emissions, and the improvement of crash safety. Each one of these objectives delivers sustainability to the industry and also to the environment.
For over 120 years, Saint-Gobain Performance Ceramics and Refractories has been working closely with the industries to develop products and offer solutions that are truly sustainable.
Since the inception of hot stamping of automobile parts, we have worked diligently with automobile OEMs, steel manufacturers and equipment OEMs to understand the nuances of the applications and our customers' needs.
Silicon Carbides (SiC) true nature; chemical inertness, high temperature stability, high thermal conductivity, low density and low co-efficient of thermal expansion make it an ideal vessel material for highly corrosive, high temperature and / or highly exothermic chemical reactions. SiC is also an excellent choice for extreme structural applications that requires low weight and high dimensional stability across complex loads and changing temperatures which are decisive for hot stamping applications of auto parts.
Our SiC based products, N-durance (Silicon Nitride bonded Silicon Carbide – N-SiC) rollers are designed to offer unique proposition with strong & durable double layer coating to offer distinctive mechanical, thermal, electrical & corrosion resistant properties and are custom manufactured to size; making it a best in class for hot stamping applications. N-durance rollers make it the most suitable in all types and areas of the kilns and more so for discerning customers focused on increasing productivity, reducing operational costs due to frequent downtime because of failures such as: refinishing, regrinding, oscillations due to bending / warpages, breakage, ALSi Sticking causing contamination, etc.