Cryston Max bricks

For Hearths, Ramps and high-wear areas

In aluminum furnaces, the charging areas experience very high wear due to impact and abrasion that occurs when material is loaded into the furnace. In these areas, refractory erodes much faster than the surrounding sections. 

To avoid unplanned maintenance, or worse, premature failure, Engineers specify Cryston® MAX bricks to extend refractory life. Applications include: 

  • Hearths inside top-charge melting furnaces 
  • Charging chutes in shaft melting furnaces (sometimes called stack melters) 
  • Ramps in reverberatory furnaces (tilting type, front loading type, etc.)
  • Extended service life  
  • Less downtime for maintenance and repairs 
  • More predictable production schedules 
  • More tons cast 
  • High strength and impact resistance.  
  • Chemically stable in aluminum alloys 
  • Patented formula delivers enhanced oxidation resistance 
  • Thermal shock resistant