Maximize equipment investment and service life with non-ferrous refractory designs from Saint-Gobain.

Saint-Gobain Performance Ceramics & Refractories' non-ferrous metallurgy solutions deliver unparalleled corrosion, oxidation and chemical resistance to improve service life and performance under the harshest operating conditions.

Primary and secondary non-ferrous metallurgy processes require engineered refractory solutions to deliver the cleanest metal while achieving an extended and consistent service life. With years of experience, as well as a strong dedication to R&D to innovate new materials, Saint-Gobain will deliver completely customized solutions for any challenge.

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Aluminium reduction cell (ARC)

Al2O3 + Na3AlF6+ electricity = aluminum + CO2+ fluorides

Saint-Gobain leads the industry in the development of innovative aluminium reduction cell materials.

Nitride bonded SiC refractories,  Advancal® and Refrax® ARC, have become the reference material for the sidewall lining of modern aluminum reduction cells. Advancal®, the latest aluminium reduction cell material from Saint-Gobain, offers outstanding corrosion, chemical and oxidation resistance. 

Silicon Nitride bonded SiC refractories provide extended service life through improved oxidation and corrosion resistance. 

Thinner sidewalls can be achieved with Advancal® aluminium reduction cells maximize heat flow characteristics through the wall to improve reduction cell performance.

This is achieved through:

  • Larger bath volume which allows for larger anode 

  • Increased power due to the thinner, more thermally conductive SiC sidewalls and less electrical conductivity of the wall 

  • Superior oxidation resistance 

  • Excellent erosion and corrosion resistance when the sidewall is directly exposed to the Cryolithic bath or to the molten metal flow as it occurs in the case of Anode effects 

Saint-Gobain leads the industry in the development of innovative aluminium reduction cell materials.



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Non Ferrous Advancal

With their outstanding corrosion resistance, new Advancal®
blocks last longer than conventional blocks.

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Non Ferrous Advancal