Silit® SKD Reaction Bonded Silicon Infiltrated SiC

Material Properties

Silit® is a silicon infiltrated Silicon Carbide material, consisting of 85% SiC and 15% Si metal.

Silit® products are branded as Silit® SK or Silit® SKD depending on the manufacturing process. Both are made by Reaction Bonding and Siliconizing of SiC, Carbon and Si metal.

Key benefits of Silit® SKD

Silit® products are lighter than Sintered SiC, yet offer high thermal conductivity, little to no apparent porosity, high mechanical strength, oxidation resistance and maximum service temperature of 1,350°C. Silit® products can be made in large sizes and complex shapes, with excellent as-fired dimensional accuracy.

Silit® SKD Specifications

Properties Units Typical values
SiC   % 85
Maximum Use Temperature   °C 1,380
Flexual Strength @ Room Temp MPa 260
Density   g / cm³ 3
Apparent Porosity    % 0
Modulus of Elasticity   GPa 340
Coefficient of Thermal Expansion   10-6 / °C 4.5
Thermal Conductivity @ 1,000°C W / mK 35