Redefining Refractory Solutions for Waste to Energy

Waste to Energy/Energy from Waste (WtE) plants involve thermal treatment of waste. Global facilities operating as part of each country's energy supply chain, releasing energy that’s used to generate steam and electricity.
These tried and tested technologies ensure safe and environmentally responsible treatment of household waste, greatly reducing the final volume going to landfill.

For decades, Saint-Gobain has collaborated with industry professionals to develop and manufacture exclusive refractory solutions; to enable plants to work efficiently, minimizing downtime, maximizing lining longevity and reducing the amount of refractory used on an annualized basis.
Our silicon carbide (SiC) based Refrax® family of Silicon Nitride bonded Silicon Carbide – NSiC – offer a unique proposition.

We harness the high temperature capability and corrosion resistance of NSIC and develop its durability, high resistance to ash adhesion & exceptional oxidation resistance, culminating in our patented Refrax® TOP material, which outperforms every other product in the market.
Saint-Gobain provides outstanding refractory solutions for thermal treatment in the WTE market. Our tube protection systems are unrivaled protecting tube walls even under demanding conditions. Our oxidation resistant & high thermal conductivity materials, based on silicon carbide (SiC), have various formulations to meet your customized thermal and chemical requirements.
Waste to Energy, T-clip pro system news
Coupled with our own tile design, T-Clip PRO™, facilities enjoy the fastest installed product available with the minimum of components, a high strength design & long lasting system to overcoming the challenges of varying waste streams and arduous conditions.
Our tile design and materials engineering are already extending on-line availability, eliminating 12-month refractory shutdowns pushing them out towards 36 months.

Innovation and development are central to our strategy

We push forward and developed the next milestone with the new patented T-Clip PROform™ protective tile. This innovative and unique product with its more efficient profile gives higher heat transfer & a lower mean temperature of the tile.
T-Clip PROform tile can help combat oxidation, a major enemy of SiC based refractory in this application and, when combined with our Refrax® TOP material, will give the longest lasting product installed in WtE units today.

Saint-Gobain's own in-house R&D facilities, design team & global manufacturing capabilities makes us the ideal partner. Our unrivaled ability to revolutionize design blended with superior materials sets us apart and shows our commitment to solving today's complex conditions.

Let us show you the new way forward.