T-Clip® PROform System

Unique Tube Protection Systems

The T-Clip® PROform tile system helps combat oxidation, a major challenge to SiC-based refractories. T-Clip® PROform is also compatible with Refrax® TOP material, ensuring long-lasting protection and value when installed in contemporary waste to energy units.

Features and Benefits

  • Unique & optimised larger surface area compared to flat tile for greater efficiency.
  • Lower tile mean temperature for lower reactivity/oxidation.
  • Available in a wide range of material grades.
  • Available in kit format to include all anchor, gasket & mortar component to give a one-stop solution.
  • High mechanical load capability.
  • Single fixing allowing dynamic movement in application to reduce stresses.
System Fittings
  • Anchorage to the tube wall is achieved via threaded bolts with round washers manufactured from heat-resistant steel.
  • A backfilling mix of Refrax® Plusflow ensures high thermal conductivity and added protection against flue gases and anchor corrosion. This self-flowing and self-compacting SiC concrete is specifically formulated to fill a defined gap between the tile and the tube wall, ensuring optimal contact with the wall and offering a second layer of protection.
  • Tube walls in the ceiling area can be backfilled with the self-flowing SiC concrete if the angles are greater than 15°. Angles smaller than 15° should be laid using SiC mortar such as Refrax® PROmor.
  • Ceramic fiber gaskets compensate for movement in the boiler, distributing stress evenly.


Waste to Energy Refrax SiC

Saint-Gobain provides outstanding refractory solutions for thermal treatment in the WTE market. Our tube protection systems are unrivaled protecting tube

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Waste to Energy Refrax SiC
Brochures & Flyers

T-CLIP® PROform tile can help combat oxidation, a major enemy of Silicon Carbide (SiC) based refractory in this
application and, when combined with our

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