45° System

Mortared System

This simple and economical option is ideal for any installation system. It is suitable for vertical boiler tube walls including side walls, back walls and front walls, as well as slanted ceiling tubes including inlet ceilings, burn out ceilings and boiler ceilings.

Features and Benefits

  • Good thermal conductivity and quicker cooling effect
  • Simple and quick replacement
  • High durability
  • One of the best price-performance ratios on the market
System fittings
  • Anchorage to the tube wall is achieved using 45° anchors made from heat-resistant steel and the Refrax® PROmor refractory mortar. This robust combination ensures excellent adhesion and optimal contact with the wall.
  • A ceramic fiber mastic compound is used to fill the anchorage area and the joint line, ensuring tile flexibility.


Waste to Energy Refrax SiC

Saint-Gobain provides outstanding refractory solutions for thermal treatment in the WTE market. Our tube protection systems are unrivaled protecting tube

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