Waste to Energy: Long Term Refractory Solutions

Leader in sustainable long terme refractory solutions for WtE/EfW

Saint-Gobain Performance Ceramics & Refractories, a global leader in sustainable long term refractory solutions for Waste to Energy/ Energy from Waste. Our tile systems and monolithic materials are supplied worldwide. Focusing on product design, quality, material science & longevity means we lengthen burning campaigns saving time & money.
Our solutions based on carefully selected Silicon Carbide raw materials also enhance your drive to reduce CO2. Our highest performing material, Refrax® TOP - often selected due to its extreme durability, has exemplary resistance to oxidation at temperature, the real enemy of Waste-to-Energy combustion chamber linings.

This product achieves very low ash adhesion which means the efficiency of your boiler plant is maintained at an optimum level, unencumbered by thick insulating ash or slag layers.
Saint-Gobain provides outstanding refractory solutions for thermal treatment in the WTE market. Our tube protection systems are unrivaled protecting tube walls even under demanding conditions. Our oxidation resistant & high thermal conductivity materials, based on silicon carbide (SiC), have various formulations to meet your customized thermal and chemical requirements.

With fine tolerances & close control in our worldwide manufacturing plants, you are assured of the very best product. Attention to detail at every stage of the process & the availability of full tractability, including certification where required, ensures every supply is as good as the last. Satisfied globally clients return to us again & again continuously extending the number of their facilities using our products.

Our tile systems are complimented by a compact range of SiC castable, gunning & ramming mass. These have been carefully developed & produced to give easy installation in conjunction with good life expectancy. Refrax® ProGUN 70 & ProGUN 80 are used extensively to good effect on nose sections & in grit/ash hoppers. Resisting wear & ash adhesion they make a perfect partner for quick repairs or completing intersections on walls where our T-Clip PRO tile system has been installed.

Refrax® Proplast 60 is used for repairs into corners & cracks, been pushed into hex-mesh & many other uses. A pre-mixed ready to use product with such pliability it is used direct from its packaging with a gloved hand.

For more on WtE solutions visit our webpage, or simply contact a Saint-Gobain expert.