Advancer® Nitride Bonded SiC

Material Properties

Advancer® is a fine grained nitride bonded Silicon Carbide material, consisting of 70 - 72% SiC and 24% -25% Si3N4

These products are made by slip casting or pressing and fired under Nitrogen atmosphere.

Key benefits of Advancer®

Advancer® products are primarily used as kiln furniture owing to their light weight, high mechanical strength, high thermal shock resistance and oxidation resistance. Maximum service temperature is1,450°C. Advancer® products are also used in Metrology equipment due to their light weight, high strength and high stiffness.

Advancer® Specifications

Property Units Typical Values
Density g / cm³ 2.8
Specific Stiffness x 106 m² s-² 86
Thermal Conductivity W / mK 20
Thermal Expansion 10-6 / K 4.4