Crystar® Rollers

Recrystallized Silicon Carbide Rollers

Crystar® rollers offer distinct mechanical, thermal, and corrosion-resistant characteristics, delivering unparalleled performance. Crystar® rollers ensure high-temperature capability and mechanical strength when employed in roller hearth kilns operating above 1,500°C. Additional surface coatings are also available for enhanced oxidation resistance.

Features and Benefits

  • High temperature capability
  • High mechanical strength
  • Excellent oxidation resistance
Material Properties
  SiC-content Max. Service Temperature Bulk Density Apparent Porosity Vol. Modulus of Rupture Thermal Expansion αRT 1,100°C
  (%) (°C) (kg/dm3) (%) (RT2) (1,400°C) (10-6/K)
Crystar® 2000 > 99 1,600 2.7 15 80 90 4.8
Crystar® 3000 > 97 1,600 2.7 15 80 90 4.8

Suitable for use in high-temperature roller hearth kilns.