Crystar® and Hexoloy® High-Load Beams

Engineered Ceramics Shapes

Saint-Gobain Performance Ceramics & Refractories’ high-load (HL) beams offer extreme high-loading capacity at elevated temperatures: 1 ton at 1,600°C / 3,000°F.

This trusted and reliable material technology delivers increased productivity for vertical firing assemblies while maximizing construction stability and fired product quality.

Customized design services are available to optimize high-load beams further to meet individual customer requirements.

Features and Benefits

  • Structural efficiencies in high-temperature applications
  • Minimum kiln furniture mass
  • Maximum strength
  • Increased automation compatibility for loading and unloading
Material Properties
  SiC-content Max. Service Temperature Bulk Density Apparent Porosity Vol. Modolus of Rupture Thermal Expansion αRT 1,100°C
  (%) (°C) (kg/dm3) (%) (RT2) (1,450°C) (10-6/K)
Crystar® 2000 > 99 1,600 2.7 15 80 90 4.8
Crystar® 3000 > 97 1,600 2.7 15 80 90 4.8
Hexoloy® SE > 98 1,900 3.05 5.10 280





Suitable for firing alumina and mullite rollers up to 5 m.


Parts are subjected to a high-load test before shipment.


What preparation is required before high-load beams can be installed in equipment?

Installation is straightforward. Saint-Gobain Performance Ceramics & Refractories’ experienced engineers are on hand to offer guidance on beam installation and best practice advice on avoiding damage via beam expansion or thermal cycling when in use.