Firefrax® CRM-30 and Carbofrax® Series


Mortars are a key component of the copper refractory system. The long life of Cryston® Cu Max refractory components demands the use of improved mortars with enhanced oxidation resistance.

Saint-Gobain Performance Ceramics & Refractories’ mortars have been specifically engineered to ensure optimal performance in copper furnaces and total compatibility with the company’s range of fired refractory shapes.

Features and Benefits

  • Specially engineered formulations
  • High chemical resistance
  • Excellent bonding strength with SiC refractory shapes
  • High quality raw materials
  • Matched thermal expansion with bricks and other fired refractory shapes
  • Protection against rapid joint wear and gas leaks
  • Reliable, long lasting performance


What is the shelf life of Saint-Gobain Performance Ceramics & Refractories’ mortars?

Properly stored mortars can last between 6 and 12 months, depending on their specific formulation. Saint-Gobain Performance Ceramics & Refractories’ experienced engineering teams are on hand to provide advice and support around specific storage requirements.

What joint thickness do you recommend?

Joints should ideally be 1.5 mm (1/16"). Excessively thick joints may compromise the refractory system.


Brochures & Flyers
Non Ferrous Copper Shaft Furnaces

Saint-Gobain Performance Ceramics & Refractories has
introduced a THIRD GENERATION of silicon carbide
refractories to effectively protect your copper shaft

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Non Ferrous Copper Shaft Furnaces