Back-up Safety Lining

VK-1209 & LK-1175

The backup lining is critical to furnace safety, playing a vital role in the event of molten copper leaks.

Saint-Gobain Performance Ceramics & Refractories’ dry vibration cement (DVC) forms a monolithic backup lining that eliminates the mortar joints of a traditional brick lining.

The LK-1175 material has been specifically designed for maximum compatibility with Cryston® Cu Max material bricks when utilized in the typical operating conditions of copper shaft furnaces.

Features and Benefits

  • Joint-free monolithic safety lining does not allow metal leaks
  • High chemical and oxidation resistance
  • Matched thermal expansion with Cryston® Cu Max hot face bricks
  • Safety lining can be reused by only replacing the hot face brick
  • Increased furnace safety due to monolithic backup layer
  • Highest refractory performance when used with Cryston® Cu Max
  • Rapid, easy installation due to lack of mortar joints


Can the safety lining be reused?

Yes. The safety lining can be reused several times.

Can using Saint-Gobain Performance Ceramics & Refractories’ backup lining reduce relining time?

Yes. Time savings of between 5 and 7 days are common on full reline projects due to the backup lining’s faster installation and dry out. Since the backup lining can be reused, time savings on partial reline projects are even greater.

Does the DryVibe powder harden once the furnace is started?

Yes. The material sinters during the heat up phase and becomes monolithic.

Is the safety lining resistant to molten copper leaks?

Yes. The safety lining formulations have been specifically designed to resist copper leaks and copper oxides.


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