Systems for Kilns and Furnaces

Saint-Gobain Performance Ceramics & Refractories’ products and solutions for kilns and furnaces are specifically designed and developed to facilitate consistent and long-term performance at high temperatures (up to 1,800°C) and under severe operating conditions.

Solutions are available for all common types of kilns and furnaces across a wide range of industries.

Solution By Application

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Our Lo-Mass® Ultra kiln furniture systems for firing dinnerware, porcelain and sanitary ware products include 4 mm thick slabs and plate setters for advanced kiln furniture assemblies. They allow for high capacity loading in automated industrial operations. Used in both batch and tunnel kiln firing up to 1,500°C.


With our Lo-Mass® Ultra kiln furniture systems, we are able to provide our customers with tangible solutions to significantly save energy and reduce CO2 emissions. Our Lo-Mass® Ultra kiln furniture systems enable our customers to increase productivity while processing in a more sustainable and “greener” environment. Our products and systems are designed to improve the product to kiln furniture ratio allowing for optimal product loading and overall firing efficiency.


weight reduction
Energy savings & CO2 reduction Weight mass reduction Increased productivity Faster heating & cooling cycles


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Lo-Mass® Ultra Automotive

At Saint-Gobain, our commitment to sustainability enables us to develop innovative, cost effective solutions that meet the challenge of protecting the

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Lo-Mass® Ultra Automotive
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Ceramic Systems Kilns Furnaces

The products and solutions for kilns & furnaces under Saint-Gobain Ceramic Systems are designed and developed for many applications to facilitate

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Ceramic Systems Kilns Furnaces