C104 Fused Cast Magnesia-Chrome Refractory

C104 is a fused cast, magnesite-chrome refractory that offers truly unique properties. Its resistance to corrosion, erosion and mechanical abuse are almost unparalleled in non-ferrous smelting applications.

C104 is a popular choice with metal producers looking to solve their most aggressive refractory problems.

Features and Benefits

Features and Benefits
  • Interlocking crystalline structure formed by electrical melting
  • Uniform microstructure produced by slow, controlled cooling of cast ingots
  • Extreme high temperature stability
  • Exceptional resistance to thermochemical reactions versus conventional bonded refractories
  • Extended refractory life in key furnace areas
  • Balanced refractory wear avoids premature replacement
  • Longer production campaigns and increased profits
  • Reduced maintenance costs from fewer shutdowns


Can C104 be used in lead (Pb) furnaces?

Yes. C104 can be successfully utilized in lead furnaces. Saint-Gobain Performance Ceramics & Refractories’ experienced engineering teams are on hand to provide advice and support around this particular application.

What are the benefits of utilizing the C104 refractory?

C104 fused cast refractory excels in the most severe wear areas of the furnace. Its exceptional properties enable a balanced wear profile between refractory sections. C104 allows the full thickness of the lining to be utilized and leading to significant savings in operational and maintenance costs.


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