Primary Aluminum

Advanced Refractories for the aluminium industry

The extreme environments in primary aluminium production require advanced refractory materials.


Our refractories for primary aluminium production combine resistance to heat and corrosion with physical strength and high purity. Saint-Gobain materials are designed to resist spalling at higher temperatures, and to survive the aggressive chemical attack experienced inside the pot cell. The result is higher purity aluminium due to less refractor contamination.  

As an OEM-approved supplier, Saint-Gobain provides a range of engineered products for the Aluminum Reduction Cell. Our sidewall blocks, mortars and castable cements are used by the world’s leading aluminium producers.  


What Mortar is recommended to use with your Refrax ARC and Advancal Sidewall Blocks?

We recommend to use Carbofrax 8S High purity Silicon Carbide mortar, designed to use with our sidewalls for the best possible heat transfer between block and sidewall. The excellent workability and shelf life make this the choice mortar for the leading Primary Aluminium technologies.

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Where are your products manufactured?

We produce refractories at our plants in England, Germany , USA, Brazil and India. Our broad, global manufacturing footprint allows us to supply the Aluminium market from multiple continents.   

Will Advancal sidewall blocks achieve longer cell lifetimes?

The unique bond system of Advancal offers outstanding oxidation and chemical resistance and up to 40% more corrosion resistance than standard Silicon carbide Products leading to extended service lifetimes.