Industrial Separation Processes

Purity and reliability are paramount in industrial applications such as powders separation, and chemicals recovery, as well as food and beverage and biotechnology processes such as clarification and bacteria removal.  Crystar® silicon carbide microfiltration can support the manufacturing of high value products with consistent retention cut-offs and long lifetime with very effective operating conditions for filtration and cleaning cycles. 

Ceramic microfiltration (MF) membranes

Ceramic microfiltration (MF) membranes have been used for some decades on specific applications like dairy processing or pharmaceutical broth filtration. Now the technology is also finding additional pervasive uses in various industrial processes and life science spaces. Crystar® ceramic membranes have been engineered to enhance the performance of a range of microfiltration applications, with enhanced corrosion and thermal shock resistances, improved flux, and outstanding retention of extremely small particles.

The benefits of ceramic microfiltration membranes vary depending on the application, but they all translate to enhanced productivity by enabling longer periods of filter operation and reduced downtime for mandatory maintenance and cleaning operations. Saint-Gobain’s Crystar products take end users to a step further in terms of productivity, thanks to more efficient and faster cleaning processes made possible by the outstanding chemical and thermal shock resistance of recrystallized silicon carbide.  Crystar® FT membranes are available in both cross flow and dead-end configurations, enabling installation in a range of process and life science facilities.