Secondary Aluminum

A wide platform of advanced refractory solutions

In a market full of refractory suppliers, it’s hard to stand out. Yet we do.


The bedrock of our offering to the Aluminum market is our patented bonded SiC material. Our bricks and fired shapes are fundamentally different than competitive solutions such as phosphate-bonded bricks, precast blocks, or castable cements. One cut on the wet saw proves it: our durability and strength are unmatched.  

In addition, we offer a line of monolithic refractories including mortars, castables and plastic refractories, all tailored to aluminum applications. With the help of our global R&D team, we proudly offer innovative products such as NORFLOW self-flowing castables, complete with non-wetting additives for the aluminum furnace.  


Do you offer thermocouple protection tubes?

Yes, we do offer thermocouple protection tubes in various diameters, lengths and materials. Please contact us to discuss your specific application.

What are the benefits of bonded SiC bricks over castables?

There are numerous benefits owing to the superior properties of bonded SiC refractories. For one, service life is greatly extended due to its enhanced resistance to oxidation, chemical attack, mechanical impact and wear. Also, customers experience fewer catastrophic failures such as hearth heaving, brick pull-out, and severe spalling. This leads to a longer and more predictable refractory life with lower total cost of ownership.  

What do you recommend for installation procedures?

Depending on the furnace and the application, the installation procedures vary. Our engineers are available to advise about best practices in your situation. Please contact us to discuss more.