High Precision & Accuracy Measurement

CMM and Positioning Equipment

Saint-Gobain Performance Ceramics & Refractories has been a leading supplier of custom shape silicon carbide components for measurement applications.

These include beams for the Z-axis and bridge of CMMs, and plates for the air-bearing stage of motion control equipment.


How can positioning equipment make use of silicon carbide ceramics?

Silicon carbide plates are an excellent choice for the air-bearing stage used in positioning equipment, particularly for semiconductor wafer inspection where it is advisable to ensure a close match between thermal expansion of the silicon wafer and silicon carbide stage.

How do the properties of silicon carbide compare with those of aluminum oxide?

Compared to alumina oxide, silicon carbide is a lighter material, has lower thermal expansion, higher thermal conductivity and higher specific stiffness.

Why should metrology equipment designers choose silicon carbide for structural components?

Structural components, such as Z-axis, bridge and support columns are more lightweight when made with silicon carbide, allowing faster travel and increased capacity to accommodate temperature changes.