Iron & Steel Foundry

Solutions for Iron and Steel Foundry Applications

The NORTON® brand of high quality refractories has been specifically designed to line coreless induction furnaces, holding and pouring furnaces or any other molten metal transport equipment.

NORVIBE™ and HeatKing™ dry vibrated cements, NORCAST™ castables and other specially designed products are recognized worldwide for their high performance, extended service life and consistent quality.

A suitable product is available for any combination of metal processing equipment. As active components in the iron and steel melting process, these products ensure high process stability, enhanced productivity, increased yield and reduced CO2 emissions versus other refractory solutions.

Saint-Gobain Performance Ceramics & Refractories’ lining products do not contain silica components commonly linked to EHS issues, and the company is proactive in ensuring the safety and wellbeing of users of its materials.

The use of alumina-magnesia refractory product solutions allows customers to reduce waste and improve steel quality.

A full solution package is available to customers, including installation and supervision, melting and yield performance audits and bespoke training packages.


What is the best mix for optimized copper melting performance?

The NORVIBE™ range of products is well suited for use in the working lining of a copper-melting coreless induction furnace.

The NORVIBE™ A 122 mix is a popular and proven choice for copper melting in many international markets. It offers excellent results with low metal infiltration ensuring performance, reliability and extended furnace campaign life.

Which products are suitable for the side wall lining/working lining for steel melting in a coreless induction furnace?

The NORVIBE™ range of products is well suited for use in the working lining of a steel-melting coreless induction furnace.

Solutions such as NORVIBE™ A 1248 LG and NORVIBE™ A 1251 (HeatKing™) have been specifically designed to replace silica mixes in steel melting applications.

These solutions are EHS-friendly, leading to energy savings and significant increases in furnace campaign life. A range of mixes containing magnesia and spinel is also available for use with higher alloyed steels.


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